Fundraisers Coming Soon:

Neuqua Valley PTSA 1/8/20

Kendall Elementary 1/15/20

Wolf’s Crossing Elementary 1/20/20

December 23, 2019.  2pm-9pm
















Support Kenya with clean water! Thursday October 3rd… Team World Vision















June 26th: South Pointe Swim Fundraiser  11am-10pm

June 27th: Special Spaces Fundraiser 11am-10pm





May 27, 2019

Open noon-9:30 Tell us you support Ready Set Ride for a 30% return!










Little Blessings May 6th 2019








August 28th Homestead Elementary Fundraiser!

30% RETURN to Homestead for your support!


Let’s do this! Community Support for Liam!

August 1st- 11am-10pm. Also, bring a buck for a raffle ticket! or 7 for $5!

Great prizes to help support Special Spaces for Liam! Raffle tickets on sale all month at Yogurt Beach! Prizes raffled at the end of the month.



Support our efforts to put an end to Type 1 Diabetes. 30% of your sale on July 7th will benefit the Immunobiology Laboratory at the Massachusetts General Hospital lead by Dr. Faustman. She is on the brink of reversing Type 1 Diabetes.

More Information and Donation opportunities here:












Relay for Life Fundraiser 7/2/18



Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Support your local South Pointe Swimmers!














Monday, June 11, 2019


MAY 31, 2018

And the winners are…. ALL OF YOU! The real winners are each and everyone of you that makes up our neighborhood and community. We truly appreciate your kindness and care in helping the Hoffman family through this difficult time. Here is our list of Winners/Prizes for the Community Support Raffle-Please come to Yogurt Beach to pick up your prizes!:
1.Hayden M. -Nothing Bundt Cakes
2. Caramussa . -Date Night
3. Trisha K . -Totally Tween
4. Kathleen D. -Girls Day Out
5. Harold E. – Elegant Underneath
6. Mary F. – Casual Dining
7. Val N. -Kid Kaboodle
8. McKenzee S. -Clip N Clean
9. Maggie B. -Stop and Shop
10. Cindee K. -Welcome…
11. Mark B -Puppy Package
12. U. Stortz – Stay Fit
13. Beth S. – Pinots Palet
14. Ron Z. -Occasions
15. Kayla H -Disney
16. Sean W. – Family Fun

Big Month for Fundraising at Yogurt Beach:

May 9: Gombert Elementary Fundraiser

May 10:  Knox Presbyterian Church Fundraiser

May 14: Sue Hoffman Family Fundraiser

May 15: Costco/Lurie’s Children’s Hospital Fundraiser

May 23: The Wheatlands Wolves Fundraiser

May 24: Steven’s Special Spaces

May 28: Ready Set Ride Fundraiser

May 31: Crone Elementary Fundraiser

Wolf’s Crossing Elementary: April 2, 2018


OneWayAfrica Fundraiser







HOMESTEAD Elementary

Tuesday, August 29– Support your local school: Open 11am-10pm

Just tell us at checkout you’re with Homestead and get 30% RETURN!






Yogurt Beach has donated over $15,000 to Fundraising Efforts!

Join our Surf to the Beach for Fundraising and raise some $$ for your cause!  See our fundraiser tab on this site!

Support our Surf to Cure Type 1 Diabetes!

Here is a local boy’s story of his struggles with Type 1 Diabetes:

At age 3, we took Cayden to the ER to get fluids for what we thought was the stomach flu. We were not in the ER but 5 minutes when the doctor on call said the words “Diabetes”.  They checked his blood sugar with a finger prick and his was over 700. A normal blood sugar in a non-diabetic is between 70-100.  Cayden was in Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) and extremely sick. He needed insulin to reverse the high sugar in his body and the resulting acid that was slowly killing him. Cayden was taken by ambulance to the Pediatric Intensive Care unit at Edwards Hosptial in Naperville where we would stay for 3 days to learn how to take care of him. With Type 1 Diabetes they can’t just fix it and send us home. The care needed for a Type 1 is a 24/7 job for 365 days. It never stops and it never gets easier. At least until there is a cure and why we fight to help find one for him and many more with Type 1.
Cayden is now 5 and a half years old. He has an insulin pump and a Dexcom sensor that he wears every day. He gets at least 10 finger pricks a day, a pump site change every 3 days and a sensor change every 2 weeks. These all involve needles and they all hurt. He can do everything that a child his age can do as well as eat anything he would like. We count the carbs for every piece of food that he eats and administer insulin each time. With his Dexcom we are able to monitor his approximate blood sugar on our cell phones. This is extremely helpful overnight as it alarms when he goes below 70. This wakes us up to treat him with fast-acting sugar. Any virus that he gets makes his blood sugar go crazy and the risk of DKA is higher. 
We aren’t alone in the fight! There are many children and adults that live right here fighting the same battles as Cayden. They all deserve a cure! Type 1 Diabetes can hit anyone at any age and is of no fault to them. Type 1 is an auto-immune disease where the body attacks the beta cells in the pancreas which are responsible for producing Insulin. Without Insulin you die. We believe Cayden had a minor cold virus 3 months before he was diagnosed that caused his body to become confused and attack itself, therefore causing Type 1 diabetes. 
Cayden, as well as all the others with Type 1 are some of the strongest, toughest people you will ever find. They battle highs and lows daily. They look like everyone else on the outside, but are very different on the inside. Type 1’s and their families are not for the weak, they all suffer and struggle daily. Our goal is to help find a cure for them in the their lifetime. They deserve it!


















Support Team Weezy ! October 19! Fight to end Breast Cancer.


nvhs-bpaTODAY’S THE DAY! 30% return to Avon 39 Walk for Breast Cancer! Show your support at the Beach! Go Team Weezy!

Business Professionals of America FUNDRAISER

OCTOBER 12, 2016   NOON-9:30PM

Fundraiser : SCULLEN M.S.

August 17, 11am-10pm! 30% return-

Must mention Scullen Middle School at checkout!


Coming soon july fund.




coming soon to beach.Share.MOMs







coming soon to beach